Session Guidelines

Session proposals should include, in English, the following information, as indicated in the session submission form: name(s), contact email, affiliation, position, title and abstract of the session.

The organizer(s) will advertise the session among the interested scholars (academic networks:, WAC, newsletters, etc., but also social networks: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), will select and review the abstract presentations.

Each session should consist of at least seven power point presentations (although flexibility regarding the number of presentations should be given to each session organizers). The organizer(s) can present maximum two papers.

Before the session, the organizers are asked to inform the speakers about the length of the presentations (max. 20 minutes, followed by 10 min. of discussion) and other technical details, including the available equipment.

The session organizers are invited to present an introductory speech to the session with the main purpose to set the following presentations into context and to summarize some conclusions at the end.

The papers presented at the session, after the process of peer-review, will be considered for publication in the Proceedings of the Congress.

Please stay in contact with the Mexican organizers for any changes into the program!


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